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Joint-Venture with Equity Partners

Eric Gustafson has brokered over 600,000 SF of commercial properties in Silicon Valley, California, and has been able to consistently identify value-add properties where Equity investors were able to realize significant increases in equity. Lee Livingston comes from a real estate family and directed the development of the nethosting.com building, a high-tech, co-location facility and data center. Stockbridge is a natural outgrowth of this ability to source, identify and package development, redevelopment and value-add opportunities. Stockbridge has since completed 5 equity joint-venture partnerships that have each returned over 100 percent annualized Cash on Cash returns in apartment and mixed-use office and retail properties. Stockbridge seeks equity partners to participate in returns of approximately 20 percent annually.

Stockbridge also provides an opportunity for capital management firms and venture groups, as well as individuals to diversify their holdings into real estate. Having brokered, managed and owned retail, apartment, office and industrial properties in multiple states and through several real estate cycles, Stockbridge can offer perspective relative to the cycles of real estate, in addition to current market knowledge and strategy.

Stockbridge’s focus is on value—identifying, creating and capturing value. By focusing on assets with a value-add component, Stockbridge is able to mitigate risk in order to maximize return.



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